Buyer Consultation

Buying a home can be stressful and that is why Candace is here to help and ease the home buying process. Her buyer's consultation will review your wants and needs, point you towards reputable loan officers for pre-approval, and give you insight on current market trends.

Seller Consultation

Candace's seller consultation consists of an inspection of your home's condition, layout, and amenities while giving you suggestions on repairs and updates in order to receive top dollar in the least amount of time. You will also discuss an in-depth comparative market analysis to assure you your home will be priced correctly.

Commercial Consultation

Whether you are investing or need space for your future or growing business, Candace provides valuations for numerous types of properties including apartment complexes, industrial buildings, retail, office, and medical space. This consultation will also allow for an analysis of highest and best uses of the above mentioned type of properties to maximize your return on investment.


Hiring the Right Realtor Matters!

Hiring a professional to satisfy your real estate needs is like hiring an accountant to do your taxes or hiring a mechanic to rebuild the engine in your car. In crucial life moments you hire a professional you can trust who has extensive experience and has dedicated their time in the corresponding field to become an expert. Are you a good negotiator? Do you really know how much the home your buying or selling is really worth? Are you aware of all the contracts and paperwork you are legally required to execute in all real estate transactions? Americans sue each other over real estate more than anything besides divorce. Why take a chance on one of the biggest investments of your life?

Uncertain of Your Future as a Homeowner?

Are you repairing your credit? Do you have enough money for a downpayment? Do you have questions about being able to afford property taxes, homeowners insurance, costs of being a homeowner? If you think you are not quite at the level of becoming a homeowner, Candace urges you to contact her to discuss your situation and the ample amount of loan options out there. She has turned uncertain clients into homeowners quicker than they ever have anticipated. She not only wants to help families that are already pre-approved, but help families take the necessary actions towards that exciting pre-approval letter.


Getting Started...

Let Candace know how she can help you with your real estate goals

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